Why Do People Hate Pornography? A Real Reason for Change

So why do people hate pornography? For the enlightened crowd we tend to hate pornography because it enslaves men and dumbs us down. Pornography alters the way that the mind works and causes men to become controlled by their most primitive instincts. Ultimately it weakens us and makes us docile with no drive or hunger in life.

Who Runs Your Life

Adult entertainment appears to be a harmless vice but when you look closer at its impact it becomes anything but harmless. The images in porn work exactly like a drug and it can control you. As with any addiction, even casual use, your body develops a tolerance to what excites it. Soon you seek more extreme images and fetishes. This becomes extremely detrimental because it is all a fantasy – pure and simple. The fantasy starts to have marring effects on life because nothing in reality can compare to the alternate world that you delve into. Relationships, both emotional and physical, can never live up to the images stored in your head.

On top of effecting relationships with women pornography tends to keep men weak and unmotivated. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich states that control of sexual urges is the key to wealth in your life. This not only means financial wealth but abundance as a whole. Just as a lion hunts the hardest when he is hungry men strive for greatness when they are driven. When you have a sexual desire it can be trans mutated into motivation to do something great with your life. By using pornography and masturbation you squelch that fire and you become content with the computer. Don’t believe me? Try going without masturbation and porn for three weeks and see how you feel. The power that you possess is unbelievable

Failed Interactions

The next travesty in adult entertainment is that you begin to have a twisted view on how you see women. Pornography trains your brain to believe that women are for pleasure and an object to lust over. How many times have you seen a woman and the only thing you notice are chest and butt? You never seem to notice real beauty such as eyes, hair, or skin. Human interactions become about who can give you instant pleasure. This is not good as you will never be able to have real interactions with women without there being an ulterior motive.

When viewing adult content it always involves physically desirable women. While this appears to be fine the effects on social connections are terrible. After enough porn consumption you begin to associate gorgeous women with the fantasy you seen on the computer. That is why men who have problems talking to women almost always have a porn addiction. They see beautiful women as a fantasy and they are unobtainable. If you want to be good with women get away from porn and masturbation.

In Conclusion

So after reading this hopefully you can better understand why people hate pornography. There is never anything good that comes out of it except a twisted view of women and reality. Step away because the effects can be life altering.