Pornography Addiction – Youth Ministry’s Growing Challenge

Modern adolescents and children are more likely to be exposed (often accidentally) to pornographic images than previous generations. And both boys and girls are experiencing life-altering changes as a direct result of developing addictions to pornography. It happens easily because…

The privacy of one’s room permits virtually unlimited ability to surf the internet unsupervised. And many young people are becoming addicted to pornography because it is very difficult for websites to control access.

This poses serious issues for youth ministers because addictions reduce a person’s ability to make moral choices. And at the very heart of ministry is the teaching of moral choices that bring a person closer to God.

The Ten Commandments are specific in the choices we have to make in our relationships with God, with our family and with our neighbors.

The other issue for youth ministers is the psychological effect of pornography addiction on children and adolescents.

Did you know…

Pornography addiction has the same effects on the youth as if he or she were sexually abused by an adult?
Pornography Addiction is a form of substance abuse?
There is a big difference between addiction and compulsion? One seeks to enhance positive feelings excessively. the other seeks to avoid feelings desperately.
Youth ministry is largely made up of activities for children and teens under the auspices of some religious institution.

The socialization these activities provide creates a Christian context for children and adolescents to learn how to meet interpersonal needs, including normal interest in romance and sexuality.

And in the youth group, young sexuality learns the rules of expression and participation that will be needed in adult life. However…in the throes of a pornography addiction, children and adolescents become increasingly isolated from the socialization effects of Christian youth ministry.

And that’s a problem.

Read “Mikey’s” story of how he became addicted to pornography at the age of 12 and share your own comments, knowledge and questions about this important topic at…